A Experience Report On “Shaoshan and Changsha Practical Education Training Program”

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A Experience Report On “Shaoshan and Changsha Practical Education Training Program”

(25th - 27th May 2023)

Sujan Pathak


Day 1: 25th May 2023

I suddenly woke up from my sleep with the sound of the mobile alarm. I looked at the clock, it was 5

o'clock in the morning. Oh, today is the day to visit Shaoshan and Changsha. ISO was scheduled to take

me and other students from different countries on an educational tour. Shaoshan and Changsha is the

home town of Chairman Mao.

After remembering to go on a tour, my body was full of enthusiasm and energy. I woke up from the bed.

Looking out the window, it was bright. Went to the bathroom and took a shower. Packed my things and

had breakfast. After getting dressed, I left the room with my bag and headed towards ISO at around

6:50am. The bus was waiting for us. Some friends and teachers from ISO were already there. I got into

the bus and we waited for some other friends to come. After everyone gathered, our bus started

towards the destination.

Students and Teachers at Mao Zedong Square Statue of Chairman Mao at Mao Zedong square

All of us were very happy and excited to go on this tour. Laughing and joking, our journey continued. We

enjoyed some snacks in the bus. I looked outside the window of the bus to take the view of the Wuhan

city. Oh, what a beautiful and clean city, big skyscrapers, rivers and lakes, wide roads and greenery. I was

loving it. Our bus slowly moved away from the city towards the villages and hilly areas. Those views

were spectacular. The cool breeze from the window, the beautiful scenery outside, the sweet music in

my ears, I started to get lost inside. I didn’t realize how quickly the journey went by. We reached

Shaoshan city around 12 noon. After having our lunch, we reached the hotel to collect our room card,

checked in and rested for an hour.

Around 2:30 pm we all gathered in the reception hall of the hotel. There we met our guide. Then we

boarded the bus and proceeded to visit Mao Zedong Square. While we were on the bus, the guide

explained the history Chairman Mao and the place. All of us were really glad to know more about

Chairman Mao and his devotion towards the Chinese people. When we reached Mao Zedong square,

the place was very much crowded. Many visitors from different parts of China had come to visit this

historic place of Chairman Mao. Many young students from middle and high school were there on the

educational tour as well. They were very excited to see us. Some of them clicked pictures with us as

well. Our guide explained more about the place and big standing statue of Chairman Mao. She also

explained Chairman Mao’s journey of establishing CPC and the revolution for the establishment of new

China. I felt very proud to be on the holy place where Chairman Mao was born. I was really impressed to

see the respect and devotion towards Chairman Mao in the heart of Chinese people. We clicked some

group pictures as a memory.

Lunch Time

Then, we went to visit the nearby Mao Zedong memorial hall. I was really amazed to see how carefully

every items related to Chairman Mao’s life were preserved. When I learned Mao's childhood, student

life, various revolutions in favor of poor people, his speeches against brutal dictators, the steps taken to

build a new China, the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the vision of a developed China,

etc., I felt as if I was in the same period. Then, we went to see the former residence of Comrade Mao

Zedong. He was born here on 26 December 1893. We visited his primary school where we started his

education. I was truly overwhelmed to see this historic place. We also visited a beautiful lake where

Chairman Mao loved to swim during his childhood. This was really wonderful time for me. We went for

our dinner at around 6 pm.

The Most Memorable Shaoshan Students outside the theatre

After dinner, we went to the world’s largest “Red Five-star” theater having world’s largest “light matrix”

stage to witness “The most memorable Shaoshanchong”. The plays with light works was beyond my

imagination. I was so much dazzled to see the large-scale live-action drama by the artists. I believe it to

be one of the most memorable drama I have ever seen. We then returned back to the hotel for rest.

Day 2: 26th May 2023

After having breakfast at 7 am in the morning, we moved towards our next destination Changsha.

According to our schedule, we reached Yuelu Academy at around 9:30 am. There we met our next guide

who explained us the history of Yuelu Academy. I was really impressed to know that this academy was

one of the four famous academies in Chinese history which has survived for thousands of years. It was

the place where Chairman Mao received his high school education. The ancient architectural designs of

the monuments were extremely attractive.

Teachers & Students visiting Yuelu Academy Ancient Architectural design at Yuelu Academy

We had our lunch before moving to the hotel for some rest. Then, we went to for on-site teaching to

“The head of Orange Island”. It is located in the north of Xiangjiang river. This place was full of local

visitors. I was stunned to see the huge sculpture of Chairman Mao Zedong which depict the great man at

the age of 32. This place was very beautiful. We clicked some picture as a memory. We returned back to

our hotel at around 6 pm. After some rest we went outside to see the lifestyle and culture of Changsha.

Statue of Chairman Mao at “The head of Orange Island”

Day 3/ Last day: 27th May 2023

We had our breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. Then, we again resumed our on-site teaching/learning.

Our last destination was Hunan Provincial Museum. Our guide explained the features and history of the

museum. This Museum is the largest museum of history and art in Hunan Province, collecting,

researching, displaying and educating cultural relics. It is a national key museum representing the

Chinese regional civilization, and is a great place to learn about the progress of Hunan civilization and

the mystery of Hunan culture. It took us nearly 3 hours to visit the museum. Each and every element of

the museum had some unique history and culture. This visit to the museum helped me to understand

the culture, tradition and history of this place.

Teachers & students at Hunan Provincial Museum

After having our lunch, we returned back to our university. At about 6pm, we safely arrived to our

university. We all felt that this tour ended so fast. This tour was very informative for a person like me

who is always hungry of traveling and love to know something new about the place. This visit broadened

my thinking and learning capacity. I came to know the history of Chairman Mao, the way he motivated

his people with discipline, his philosophy of equality and eagerness of founding new and better China.

His life history is truly an inspiration.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank the teachers from ISO who provided me this wonderful

opportunity to learn more about China. The management of the tour was excellent. I would love to be a

part of such training programs in the future as well.

!!!!!!Thank You!!!!!!