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Visa & Residence


A Short Guide for Application & Extension  of  Visa and Residence Permit

一、怎样申办居留许可  How to Apply for Residence Permit


International students with study visa (Category X) shall apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China. Late applicants will have to shoulder the responsibilities for the delay and overdue fine. The following documents are required for the application of the residence permit:

1. 护照原件 Passport (Original)

2. 居留许可申请表 Residence Permit Application Form

3. 护照复印件(个人基本信息页、入境签证页、入境日期页)

Copy of Passport (Photo page, Entry- page and Entry Date page)

4. 住宿登记表 Registration Form for Residence issued by International College

5. 录取通知书 Admission Notice

6. 签证申请表JW201/202 Form (Visa Application Form)JW201/202

7. 由湖北省国际旅行卫生保健中心(武汉市洪山区珞狮453号)签发的体检证明

Physical Examination Report issued by Hubei International Travel Healthcare Center (No. 453 Luoshi Rd, Hongshan District, Wuhan City)

8. 由国际学院签发的学校证明  Certificate issued by International College

9. 2寸照片2 2 Photos,(2 inches)

(二)申请费用:Application fees:


For one-year residence permit : 400 Yuan;


For two- three- year residence permit: 800 Yuan;

3. 居留许可3年以上有效:1000.

For more than three years: 1000 Yuan;

4. 居留许可修改费用:200

Residence permit duration modification: 200 Yuan.

二、怎样申请签证和居留许可延期 How to Apply for the Extension of Visa and Residence Permit


International students should pay attention to the validity of their residence permits and entry visas and make proper arrangement for extensions if necessary. The overdue fines caused by expiration of validity of residence permits or entry visas should be taken by offender.


The international students expected to continue their study at HZAU after the expiration of their residence permits should apply to International College for extension of validity of these documents 30 days before the expiration date(Self-financing students shall pay tuition before confirming the extension of their residence permits or visas. The extension in need should be processed before the end of the semester).


Then the students should submit all the required documents including original passport , copy of passport (photo page, entry- page and entry date page),residence permit application form , registration form for residence, 2 photos(2 inches), certificate issued by International College.

家属居留许可所需材料 Additional Documents for Family Members

1. 由本国大使馆或领事馆开具的家属关系证明,包括婚姻证书、家庭关系登记表等(英文版)

Certificate of Family Relationship issued by the Embassy or Consulate, including Marriage Registration Certificate &Family Registration Certificate (English Version)

2. 家属在华保险证明 Insurance for Visiting Family Members

3. 承诺书 Letter of Commitment

4. 护照原件、复印件(个人基本信息页、入境签证页、入境日期页)

Original Passport & Copy of Passport (Photo page, Entry- page and Entry date page)

5. 住宿登记表 Registration Form for Residence issued by International College

6. 由国际学院签发的学校证明 Certificate issued by International College