Over the past three decades, HZAU focused on elevating the agricultural related disciplines with advanced bio-scientific technology while advancing the development of biological disciplines out of its strong root of traditional agricultural disciplines, and has achieved coordinated development of multi-disciplines of agriculture, science, engineering, humanities, law, economics, management, art, etc. featuring life sciences and giving prominence to agricultural disciplines. HZAU is on the list of "Double-First Class" initiative released in 2017, with five disciplines included. Nine disciplines have been ranked among world top 1% of ESI.

HZAU has made a number of important achievements in a variety of fields of research including plant and animal genetics and breeding, genomics and molecular biology, animal preventive veterinary medicine, pomology, horticulture and vegetable science, animal and plant disease prevention and control and safety evaluation, plant and animal production technology, food engineering and agricultural product processing, efficient use of agricultural resources and development of biomass energy, agricultural economics and land management, generating remarkable social and economic profits.

5 "Double-First Class"initiative disciplines

   Animal Husbandry

   Veterinary Science


   Horticulture; Crop Science

   Agricultural Economics & Management

9 disciplines are ranked among world top 1% of ESI

   Agricultural Science

   Plant & Zoology


   Biology & Biochemistry

   Molecular Biology & Genetics


   Environment & Ecology

Engineering Science

Pharmacology and Toxicology