Report on Xiangyang

Date of publication:2024-01-16 Publisher:Ashenafi Assefa Gebremariam​


December 06, 2023 the day we students were looking forward to the field trip. We were eagerly waiting for the days to come. Our International Student Office (ISO) had pre-planned everything. Every single detail was planned and everything was set. We catch a high speed train early in the morning at Hankou railway station. For some of us, this was the first experience in high speed train. Sitting on a high speed train is comfortable and smooth even if it’s a second class wagon. Countryside view was refreshing even though the speed not allowed us much appreciation. The speed of the high-speed train was 350 kilometers per hour so, the entire trip took under two hours. Lastly we have reached to our destination Xiangyang, which is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hubei province, China and the second largest city in Hubei by population, located at a strategic site on the middle reaches of the Han River. In Xiangyang we have started our visit with C.P.Food (Xiang Yang) Co., Ltd. which is the industry of Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing, and it was on processing of Dumplings during our visit. The production is automated and free from hand touch which is important to prevent contamination. Then we have visited Gulongzhong Scenic Area (古隆中景区gǔ lóng zhōng jǐng qū) that is surrounded by the West Mountains. It was established based on the history and cultural relics of China's Three Kingdoms period where the outstanding statesman Zhuge Liang lived. It has a history of 1,700 years that stretches back to the Ming Dynasty. In the quiet woodlands, huge gardens, painted sculpture, enriched landscape, water fountains working with high sound from students made funny times and eye catching ancient monuments built for commemorative events were most interesting resources of the place. On the second day we have visited Xiangyang District Planning Exhibition Hall. The exhibition center combines the cultural and historical value of Xiangyang’s ancient piers for development of modern cities. The magnificent architectural building and bridge design ideas used made us to think about the brilliance of the architecture which would be also an immersive festive space for both citizens and visitors with a unique and cultural Xiangyang experience. Our next visiting site was Xinghuo village. Every war history at the area including artilleries, medications and food utensils are kept carefully and they have witnessed several significant battles in Chinese history. The village seems easy to defend and hard to attack, it was an important military area in ancient times. The last but not the least we have visited Hubei, Guxiang Yang Liquor co, Ltd. The company was founded in 1952, and after the restructuring and reorganization in 2002, it officially became Hubei Guxiangyang Liquor Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Xiangyang State-owned Distillery) and it has now developed into a comprehensive group company integrating liquor technology research and development, production and sales, brand operation, customized services. As our guide told us the "Gu Xiangyang" series of products produced by the company have won the "Hubei Province Consumer Satisfaction Goods" and "National Famous Brand" for many times, and "Gu Xiangyang" is a famous trademark in Hubei Province. At present, the company has more than 20 liquor products in three series of "ground sealing, cellaring and five grains", which are brewed with the new five-grain process standard of "ecological grain, ecological fermentation and ecological cellaring", which has won the love and recognition of consumers. We have tried to prepare our wine by mixing wines from different crops like rice and maize. We have also invited to taste a 60 years’ age wine. At the last day of our visit based on some students interest we go out to visit   Xiangyang Ancient town. It is definitely worth a visit! We have experienced the bustling atmosphere of old Xiangyang today by visiting all those shops and eateries inside the wall and the scene of ancient buildings lit up by colorful lights at night has breath taking view. We have enjoyed different types of foods like barbeque. Our excursion lasted for 3 days comes to end at 08/12/2023. It was successful and immensely beneficial because all students gain better knowledge and understanding about China and refreshing ourselves by visiting places with beautiful natural views and rich cultural heritage. Moreover, that trip taught us to value life and be active, trying to change the world for the better. Thanks to ISO, Mrs. Zoe, Mr. Wang and all the staff members at Xiangyang campus without you this tour could not be successful. 


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Student name: Ashenafi Assefa Gebremariam

Student Number: 2022302060009

Report date: 09/12/2023