Tea time with Cultural Attire

Date of publication:2023-06-09 Publisher:ISVC

In the evening of 3rd June, International students volunteer center (ISVC) - Department of Cultural exchange and Sports Activities organized a cultural event in the hall 501 of International Students Comprehensive Building. The event was dubbed “Tea time with Cultural Attire”. The main purpose of the event was to develop an intercultural communication among the students through cultural exchange and enjoy the sip of different types of tea. All the guests, performers and audiences were served tea and snacks.











The program was divided into two segments. First was the group performance from the participants of different countries. Also there was a fascinating ramp walk show from the participants of more than 10 countries on the second half. The first performance was by Ethiopians. They performed a wonderful group dance called “Esikita” in their native language. Pakistan showed a special kind of cultural dance called “Saraiki” followed by “LANNA Hanging Lamp Dance” presented by Thailand which is known to signify the period of the end of Buddhist lent day and famous in northern Thailand, and then afro-beat dance performed by Nigerian.











A beautiful and amazing song from a little Wang Yang Xu (Miss Zoe’s son) was the most limelight performance of the event. He entertained all audiences with his spectacular performance by playing guitar and singing “Ukulele “song.











The event moved towards the second round named “Cultural walk” where students from different countries showed their typical cultural and traditional dress through ramp walk. The first ramp walk was done by Supaporn Falert and Charoenkal from Thailand, wearing Thai costume, known as “Chut Thai”, which is the traditional costume with unique design and tailoring skills. Ahmed Ragheb Mabrouk Khalifa from Egypt walked on a ramp wearing traditional Egyptian Jelbab. The next show was by Barsha Bhandari, wearing “sari, blouse and lachha dhago”, and Sujan Pathak (Volunteer), wearing “Doura Surwal and black Bhadgaule Topi” on his head, from Nepal. These outfits belong to typical Nepali culture.



The next were the students from China. Moon was wearing “Cheongsam”, which is a kind of traditional style tunic worn by Chinese women. Linda and Yana were in “Hanfu” outfits while Ennis was gracing with Chinese tunic suit. All the audiences were amazed by their performance.



Fizza Hafees and Anwarullah khan from Pakistan walked on the stage wearing “Pishwas whike” and “Pashtun attire” respectively, showing the beauty and heritage of Pakistani fashion. Nigerian students Juliet Anyanwu and Kingsley Nnamdi Dollah walked on the ramp waring their traditional and cultural dress worn by the tribal groups in Nigeria. The next on the show was Munira Khandakar Sadia from Bangladesh in a world famous “Dhakai Jamdani’ a handmade sari. She was followed by Kartika from Indonesia wearing cultural dress called “Kebaya” which is a symbol of unifying representation of women.



Next presenter was Khalid Touil from Algeria (Vice Coordinator), wearing a traditional Algerian dress called “Kandora”, which is worn on special occasion like Eid ul fitr and Eid ul Adha. Namita Pandey from India entered the ramp wearing an old and traditional Indian dress. The last ramp walk show was by Ramy Khoder from Egypt. He was wearing traditional dress called “Abba and Gallabiyah” which they usually wear in occasions like wedding and celebrations.



Guests and audiences were greatly surprised and happy to witness this cultural show. Chinese students were very happy to be a part of this event as audience. They were really stunned to see so many international students from different countries.



The attendees requested organizers to have more events like this in the future.


Source: International students volunteer center (ISVC)

Reporter: Department of Cultural exchange and Sports Activities (DCE&SA)

Editor: Department of secretary and publicity