Date of publication:2023-03-20 Publisher:Gregory Ijiti,李冰倩

Everyone looks forward to experiencing and enjoying the mild temperature and humidity as the cherry blossoms in March, the start of the spring season. On March 11, 2023, the international students and a few instructors from HZAU participated in the ancient and exotic cultural leaf-paper-cut spring project activities while enjoying the invigorating season of spring.

The rich and lengthy history of the activity, which dates back more than a thousand years, was shared to help international students improve their Chinese paper-cutting skills and to further clarify the perception of Chinese culture's warm hospitality, unity, and open-heartedness to the common belief of the Chinese people mantra that is evolving around "to have friends from afar."

In the context of Belt and Road implementation, many students from around the world including Pakistanis, Iraqis and other regions have travelled to China for cultural exchange and study. Upon some fascinating interaction between the members of our prestigious University and the international students, it was without a doubt that international students have a great interest in China and Chinese culture. At the same time, they have also shown commitment to participate in numerous activities, to have more in-depth communication with Chinese students in HZAU, and have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

In order to encourage readiness ahead of the paper-cutting event by the organizers, explicit and technical learning videos and articles on the art of paper-cutting were distributed to various networks of foreign student groups prior to the event date. The student’s attention and expectation were greatly piqued by this great deed. The professor in charge of the occasion displayed some of her past paper-cut artwork, which further sparked the emotional outpouring.

The event kicked off with a hearty greeting before moving on to the detailed introduction of paper-cutting art. The international students were taught about the magnificent activity's rich history and culture through cinematic resources. To the students' amazement, the activity encourages flawless creativity and a sense of community within Chinese culture, a pride that the Chinese people desire to convey to the rest of the world.

Fascinatingly, as the event went on, the event organizers noticed a pattern among the students which was their talent for "window-cutting design".

A thin, delicate rice paper piece was a crucial component of this particular cutting. To enhance each design's visual attractiveness and texture heft, the rice paper art was pasted onto a thicker piece of plain white paper.

Member Li Mingxuan continued the lesson by instructing the students on how to make a 3-D "spring" paper cut in addition to producing window decorations.

Following the activities, the energy in the room was incredible. The foreign students were really impressed by the Chinese people's historical culture and paper-cutting art up close. They all discussed how grateful they felt to have been able to share the experience with the incredible team members.

Based on the event's success and enjoyment, the international students were quick to express their willingness to work together to learn more about Chinese culture in the near future.

The HZAU art team and the international students captured the lovely spring from within their hearts with imaginative paper-cutting art as the spring season uplifts the heart and blesses the institution with extensive aesthetic beauty.

In HZAU transcending togetherness and promoting cultural interchange while fostering a flourishing atmosphere for coexisting regardless of background is a top priority. Building a community with a shared future for humanity requires creating an open and inclusive environment and solidifying the people-to-people foundation.