First Meeting of the International Students Volunteer Center (ISVC) spring semester 2021

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The first spring semester meeting of the International Students Volunteers Center (ISVC) was held on 2021.03.05 at 14:00 in the meeting room of the International Students Affairs Office (ISAO) building room no #221.

The following attended the meeting: -

Ms.Zoe Wang     Co-Chair (ISAO,HZAU)

Mr.Unisa C. Kanu    Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

Mr. Mohammad Murtaza Alami  Vice-Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

Mr. Ali Waseem Abbas   Coordinator (Department of Cultural        Exchange, Sports & Recreational Activities)

Mr. Aamir Shahzad           Vice-Coordinator (Department of Cultural       Exchange, Sports & Recreational Activities)

Mr. Bernard     Coordinator (Department of Living Service)

Ms. Talha     Vice-Coordinator (Department of Living       Service)

Ms. Zoe Wang chaired the meeting. In her keynote, she highlighted some of the programs to be implemented in the coming semester to attract new students from all over the world and presented HZAU a better place for achieving higher education. The following key points were discussed:  

  1. A better representation of Huazhong Agricultural University at a global level

  2. Maintaining International student dormitories

  3. Encouraging international students to be part of the volunteering service In HZAU.

After a discussion about the current situation, all the coordinators presented their plans for the next coming semester. In this meeting, the following matters were suggested by the coordinators for the improvement of ISVC activity.

  • Department of Living Service (Mr. Bernard Coordinator): said they will continue to keep the dormitories safe and healthy for students but will encourage students to comply with ISO rules and regulations for dorm management. He further advised students to be aware of fraud and the covid-19 virus. Finally, students who may want to purchase foodstuffs or toiletries from the supermarket can contact him to arrange with the supermarket for delivery.

    Thursday 11th March 2021

Department of Secretary ISVC/HZAU