Better Me 12 with Prof. M. Regenstein Report

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On October 19, 2020, the Department of Scientific Research and development ISVC & Graduate College of HZAU held their first scientific presentation titled “HOW TO WRITE A SCIENTIFIC PAPER”

Hosted by the following:

  1. Taha (Coordinator, Dept. of Scientific Research and development, ISVC).

  2. Samiul Islam (Vice- Coordinator, Dept. of Scientific Research and development, ISVC)

  3. Hager shendy (Vice- Coordinator, Dept. of Scientific Research and development, ISVC)


  1. Tehmina Yaqoob

  2. Aroosha Faheem

  3. Irfan Mahmood

  4. Abel Wend-Soo Zongo

Keynote speaker: Prof. Joe. M. Regenstein (Professor Emeritus of Food Science)

Prof. J. M. Regenstein is an Editor of Food Bioscience, Emeritus Professor, Department of Food Science, Cornell University, USA. He has published more than 250 scientific papers, an editor of more than 30 scientific books with an H-Index of 53. Head: Cornell Kosher and Halal Food Initiative, Cornell University.

Prof. J. M. Regenstein highlighted eight significant points: Firstly, as graduate students, we must understand the journal’s scope and instructions to which someone intends to submit his/her manuscript. He further stated that the first idea someone should consider before drafting a manuscript is to ask oneself this question “DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL?” Have you done an earnest piece of study and have you learned something expedient? Science is not all about collecting data, but how we express a unique scientific story or report, with a well-structured format, yet not natural.

Select the right journal: this is very important he said. He admonished graduates to make sure the journal publishes research articles that are related to your work or study. The decision should not base on impact factor, though important but individual statistics are of great significance in the long run. Find below the information on how a scientific paper should be formatted.

Order of a Scientific Paper:

  1. A title page

  2. Abstract

  3. Keywords

  4. Introduction

  5. Methods and Materials

  6. Results & Discussion

    For further reading, visit the school website to get a copy of the WEBINAR pdf document. We are very grateful to the Department of Scientific Research and development ISVC & Graduate College of HZAU and the ISO for providing such a wonderful seminar. A special thanks to Prof. J. M. Regenstein for a wonderful lecture. We look forward to having you again in the future. In addition, to all graduate students who attend the training, thanks for your cooperation.  


    Report Presented by

    KANU, UNISA (Coordinator, Dept. of Secretary, ISVC)