Reports of the Meeting held by both the Department of Secretary and Living Service Department (ISVC) on the 29th August & 15th of September, 2020.

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The meeting which was hosted by Mr Unisa C. Kanu, Coordinator of the Department of Secretary started around 8:00 pm, via an online meeting platform (Tencent meeting). A self introductory was made by all participants. Views and situations of our members outside China were discussed.  

The following points were raised and discussed:

1. For an effective platform, all members agreed for an online meeting every week via Tencent platform (online).

2. Be in touch with each other and share our opinion freely every time. All the volunteers have to share their opinions regarding ISVC programs during the meetings.

3. Organize the orientation program for the new students after arriving at HZAU. The volunteers who are in HZAU should cooperate with ISO on signature days and other programs until the other volunteers returned.

4. Encourage other departments to organize their programs and report to the department of Secretary.

The followings attended the meeting:

  1. Mr Unisa C.Kanu Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

  2. Mr Mohammad Murtaza Alami Vice-Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

  3. Mr Binda Andogma Vice-Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

  4. Mr.Ola Ex-Coordinator (Department of Secretary)

  5. Martina Kumbatira Member

  6. Mostafizur Rahman Member

  7. Iqra Noor Member

  8. Intisar Ud Din Member

Following the report received from the Living service Department; key issues relating to public kitchen management, wearing nose mask in public places and quietness of the dormitory were discussed. In there report, they pledge to assist Shifu, in preventing outsiders from entering into the international student's dormitory without seeking permission and further advice fellow students both within HZAU and abroad to practice all preventive measures given to prevent students from contacting or spreading the COVID-19 virus within our communities. A vote of thanks was done by the host (Bernard Ntezimana, Coordinator of Living service), he thanked every member for attending and sharing constructive ideas, and also encourage international students to remain kind and use peaceful methods to resolve any issue raised.

In total, all seven members participated in the meeting, no absentee.

  1. Bernard NTEZIMANA

  2. Parashuram Bhantana


  4. Talha Umar

  5. Zunaira Farooq

  6. Maria Batool

  7. Anabel Wamboi Mwaura

UNISA CONTEH KANU (Coordinator, Dept. of Sect.)