The first General Meeting held by New Coordinators and vice coordinators of ISVC

Date of publication:2020-07-19 Publisher:department of secretary

The meeting started around 4:00 pm on the 17th of July, 2020 and every individual present including ISO staff, coordinators, and vice coordinators introduced themselves. The coordinators and vice coordinators who are not in China were connected by an online meeting platform (Tencent meeting).

The meeting was anchored by Ms. Zoe with an appreciatory speech from Mr. Wang for the various activities carried out by the ISVC in the past semester despite the challenges (COVID-19 outbreak) we faced this year. He further acknowledges the dynamism showed by these current ISVC coordinators, and vice coordinators and hope, they will work together as a team. He expresses his profound satisfaction over the past leaders of ISVC for their relentless work for the past years. He added that international students currently in their various countries should stay focused and protect themselves with the hope that they will be able to come back to China soon. Finally, Mr. Wang appreciates the diversity in the current ISVC Coordinators and vice coordinators and hopes that more students from various countries will join ISVC in the future.

The Coordinator of the departments of secretary (Mr. Ola) introduced the newly adopted ISVC codes of conduct. During his brief introduction, he notes that all volunteers should work together with respect and harmony in other to improve the effectiveness and impact of ISVC volunteer activities. Ms. Zoe and other departmental coordinators and vice coordinators also commented on the codes of conduct and made some corrections where necessary.

Furthermore, Ms. Zoe, Mr. Wang as well as other ISVC coordinators and vice coordinators discussed more elaborately on the recruitment of members into each department and the implementation of the new ISVC pamphlet. Also, plans about orientations were discussed in detail.

The meeting ended around 5:30 pm with a vote of thanks by Mr. Ola.

Name of Participants from each department

  1. Mr. Wang  ISO staff

  2. Ms. Zoe ISO staff

  3. Mr. Ola Coordinator department of secretary

  4. Mr. Unisa Vice coordinator department of secretary

  5. Mr. Alam Vice coordinator department of secretary

  6. Mr. Ali Coordinator department of cultural exchange & recreational activities

  7. Mr. Liu an Vice Coordinator department of cultural exchange & recreational activities

  8. Mr. Muhammad Vice Coordinator department of cultural exchange & recreational activities

  9. Mr. Bernard  Coordinator department of living service

  10. Ms. Talha Vice coordinator department of living service

  11. Mr. Taha Coordinator department of scientific research and development

  12. Mr. Samiul Vice coordinator department of scientific research and development