Reading Festival: Graduate School Held the Activity of "Teachers And Students Reading Together"

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Recently, Graduate School held the activity of "Reading Together between Teachers And Students, Infiltrating the Scholarly Atmosphere", inviting teachers and students to share classics in the cloud, and enrich the spiritual world in reading.

In the era of fragmentation of information overload, how can we return to deep reading so that teachers and students can truly feel and fill life in reading? The activity of "reading together with teachers and students" in the graduate school uses sound as the medium to convey the temperature of words, share their favorite books and convey their spiritual strength with the eloquent recommendation words.

"In order to avoid confusion, we use reading books to name them. For all the information received, reply to the students in time, not only to present better results, but also to encourage the confidence of reading The project leaders of Walden lake, free walking alone and ordinary world listen to each recording carefully, ponder over each book review and carefully consider each picture. After continuous polishing, a piece of audio is connected into a complete reading, and lines of text are merged into book reviews. Many teachers and students say, "after reading the book review, I want to read this book seriously."

“Reading a book can unlock many puzzles of life. What I find interest is that by reading a biology we can actually experience a whole life and shape our own lives under the shadow of many other legend”, said Azka Rehman, a doctoral student of College of Economics and Management. Wu Jiemin, a graduate student of the College of Biological Sciences, studied "the ordinary world" at the undergraduate stage. He read it again this year with deep emotion. "It seems that the story here is not the story of Sun Shaoping and sun Shaoan, but our own story. Poverty and hardship can not erase people's will. As long as there is a glimmer of hope in life, we should never turn back on it." Yang Jiawei, a graduate student of Zihuan University, rereaded the old man and the sea, and said: "this year, I'm lucky to read this book again. Once again, sharks break through the defense lines of the elderly and take away the food and dignity of the elderly, just like viruses challenging the bottom line of human life. San Diego's bravery in the face of sharks indicates that we should try our best to protect the beauty of life by never giving up when facing the virus.

Zhou Fei, a teacher of the rice transformation team of the College of Biological Sciences, led the doctoral students to participate in the "teacher-student co reading" activity. He squeezed out time to record many times between the experiment and online teaching, hoping to present the best works together with the students. "I hope our reading will be like a" guide "to attract people to stop their hurry and read this book together. There will be harvest," Zhou said.

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