Graduate School Held Online Exchange And Sharing Meeting for International Students

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On July 2, Amar Razzaq, a Pakistani international student from College of Economics and Management, shared on-line issues such as China's anti epidemic story, academic paper writing, and interpersonal relationship handling, which were of interest to graduate students at the “Better Me” event sponsored by the Graduate School.

Since the launch of Better Me online exchange and sharing activities on May 13, eight sessions have been held. The participants are all previous winners of scholarship from the State Council for international students of HZAU, and 520 Chinese and foreign graduate students have participated in the activity.

"How to self motivate and reasonably arrange scientific research time? "How do I reply to reviewers' emails?" "How can a student who is an entry-level researcher publish articles using existing resources?" "What should I pay attention to when applying for a postdoctoral degree?" "How to overcome the difficulties encountered in scientific research?" Before the start of the activity, we collected a series of concerns from overseas students to determine the theme of each session.

The first guest is Muhammad Tahir UL Qamar, an outstanding scholarship winner of the State Council for international students foundation of China in 2019 and a doctoral student of College of Information in 2016. In order to share better, Tahir listed a four-page outline, including how to read literature, write a comprehensive literature review, and make rational use of time. After listening to the sharing, Dr. Ali said frankly: "we must plan our university life better." He unloaded some unnecessary social software on his mobile phone, and began to take the excellent students around him as examples to mobilize his learning enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

In addition to the sharing and exchange of scientific research and academic experience, FODA, a PI of HZAU from Egypt shared the importance of learning Chinese and how to carry out international cooperation and exchange. Razzaq shared the story of how he led the volunteers of international students to fight the epidemic. Khalifa, an associate professor of benha University, shared the benefits of physical exercise. Urfa, a postdoctoral fellow of Sun Yat sen University, shared the story of how to get along with Chinese students and how to do a good job in scientific research. As a participant and organizer of campus cultural activities, Khalifa said, "don't mind wasting time in social activities, because it will give us feedback in another way."

It is reported that the "Better Me" activity was initiated by the overseas graduate students of our university during the epidemic period. The teacher of the International Students Office of Graduate School took the lead to invite outstanding alumni from all over the world to discuss scientific research methods, share university life and tell the story of anti epidemic. The purpose of Better Me is to promote graduate students' autonomous learning and exchange and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign students. In the future, it plans to invite more teachers and students to participate, enrich the exchange theme, and carry out one week "cloud meeting".

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