Beat of Life: 2020 HZAU Shishan Arts Festival Opens on Cloud

Date of publication:2020-07-14 Publisher:

On the evening of May 23rd, HZAU held the opening ceremony of its one-month 2020 Arts Festival, which is another important cultural activity following 2020 HZAU Reading Festival. The Arts Festival is sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Shishan Arts Festival and directed by the Cultural Development Committee of HZAU. The opening ceremony of the Arts Festival was presented on the cloud due to the epidemic outbreak.

At the opening ceremony, teachers and students of HZAU together with musicians from the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra staged a variety of excellent programs, like Swan dance accompanied by cello and piano ensemble, poetry recitation Variation-The Moonlight, bamboo flute solo Spring Tide, PMV Get along with Love, cloud chorus, creative headlights show, which attracted more than 360,000 people to gather on the live streaming platform of Shishan cloud art community to enjoy this elegant, creative and wonderful ceremony.

Apart from the opening ceremony, the main activities of 2020 HZAU Arts Festival also include cloud art community, cloud art show and art creativity.
According to the head of Cultural Affairs Office of HZAU, the Shishan Arts Festival aims to promote first-of-art classics, original works, creative culture and aesthetic competence, and  support various artistic, diversified and creative cultural and art programs so as to offer campus art talents with the most fertile soil for development, build a bridge between teachers and students in art communication and cooperation, and boost their sense of participation and sense of gain in creating campus culture.