A hiking to Dahua Hill organized for magazine team of “Colors of HZAU”

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Hiking is best workout! You can hike for 4 hours and not even realize that you are working out. Hiking is the exercise that needs no gym. It is prescription without medicine. It is weight control without diet. Cosmetic that is sold in no drugstore. It is the tranquilizer without a pill, the therapy without a psychoanalyst, the fountain of youth that is no legend. A walk is the vacation that does not cost a cent. If you are feeling low go on mountain!

Our hiking Trip to Dahua Hill was organized by the International Students Office of Huazhong Agricultural University under the direction of Mr. Wang (Director of ISO). Purpose of this trip was to facilities the members of newly setablished magazine team “Colors of HZAU” with each other, with Wuhan stunning hills and extra ordinary beauty, to make foreign students familiarized with the Chinese natural beauty through the healthy activity that particularly gives calmness, recreation, pleasure and satisfaction.

Qing long Hill greenway is Wuhan's first mountain greenway; it is a popular destination for long-distance hiking enthusiasts and other outdoor sports lovers. The greenway, which stretches out for 25 kilometers, runs from Miaoshan on Jing long Avenue in the Jiang Xia District to Jing long Avenue in the Daqiao New District; it connects several mountains and hills, such as Dahua Hill, Qing long Hill and Bafen Hill, along the way. The most popular route runs from Jiang Xia No. 1 Middle School, which is located at the base of Dahua Hill, to the top of Qing long Hill. It takes around four to five hours to complete this route.

We were with limited outdoor training and experience so Mr. Wang decided to start hiking with Dahua Hill. This is a well-developed climbing route on thirty minutes’ by University bus drive at the distance of 20 Kilometers from Huazhong Agricultural University Wuhan. Five teachers and 20 students (foreign and Chinese) participated in this hiking activity. We started our journey in morning 7:00am almost arrived Dahua Hill parking area around 7:30am.


Dahua Hill covered with tallest trees and blooming flowers with dew drops provided all of us best healthy adventurous experience due to its beautiful scenery and surroundings. The greenway winds its way through hills, forests, and clearings. Notably absent from this area is the noise that characterizes life in the city; instead, you can hear birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind.

While climbed up the hills, we enjoyed taking photos in attempt to capture the memories in the camera forever, enjoyed music, interesting conversation, eating fruits and nuts, some enjoyed the natural beauty quietly. We took a number of selfies while hiking. After around four hours, we reached the end of the Dahua Hill section of the greenway. Some people that left behind got punishment for doing 10 pushups by Mr. Wang that way very funny. The group walked over 12 kilometers and each participant experienced and gained far more than they ever expected along the way .Even though hiking was challenging but beautiful scenery along the greenway made it all worthwhile.


The hale and hearty environment, beautiful sceneries, stunning weather, green water, humble and kind Teachers Company, friend’s companionship made our trip exciting and memorable. We have visited almost all sides of Dahua hill in four and a half hours and came back to our University around 1pm with the pleasant mood. On behalf of my group, I would like to thanks International Student Office and special appreciation to Director Mr. Wang for arranging Sunday’s 2016 June 4th adventurous activity. We are expecting the same well organized activities in future. We took our memories left only footprints. Hiking is bit like life; get lost in nature and you will defiantly find yourself!

Reported by: Ms. Saba Hameed (Master Scholar)