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FAQs for Application

Instruction for Online Application

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1. Browser choosing

a. Select

The application system supports the following browsers, please choose your browser carefully before your application.

Version of IE8 or above is the best choice for you. But if you are unable to use IE browser to apply, please choose other two browsers.

2. Account Registration

a. Registration

  1. International students who apply for the admissions firstly need to register for the online application system. Applicant should visit the website:https://hzau.at0086.cn/student, and then select ENGLISH at the top right of the screen.

  2. After selecting the "I accept", please set your user name and password, and fill in your valid email address according to the clue of dialog box. This email address will be used as the main contact of the applicant, for the application information, the student notification and even alumni connection if the applicant is admitted. Therefore, using permanent personal email address is recommended.

b. Activation

The registered account is eligible to apply for programs only if it is activated. After successful registration, you will receive an email in your registered email box. You should check your registered email box to activate your account by clicking on the activate link.

Notes: All the system notification, including the activation link, is sent by the email addressstudyinhzau@mail.hzau.edu.cn.

If you fail to receive the activation link, please check if it is filtered by the anti-spam system of your email service provider.

Please contact your email service provider to putstudyinhzau@mail.hzau.edu.cnto the white list of your email receipts.

c. Sign in

After successful activating your account, you should go back to the application website: https://hzau.at0086.cn/student, then you will log in application system after inputting your Username or your registered Email Address, Password and Verified Code.

3. Online Application Time

Different Admission Project has different online application time, so please pay more attention to online application time of each admission program, or your application will be regarded as invalid if you apply out of the regulated online application time. The specific online application time is as follows:

Type of Funding Source

Start Time of Application

Ending Time of Application

CSC Scholarship



HZAU Scholarship






4. Tips for Application Online

a. Basic Information

The basic information provided must be in correspondence exactly with the passport and other documents submitted on paper.

The applicant is fully responsible for any possible consequences caused by the disparity (Including but not limited to the failure of admission, visa application or entrance)

①Legal Name

Fill in your name exactly as it is on your passport. DO NOT add, omit or abbreviate any part.
"Given Name" must contain all parts. The order of different parts should be as same as them on the passport. Fill in the name in "Surname" if the name contains only one part.

②Chinese Name

Leave it blank if you do not know any Chinese or you have not Chinese name.

③Date of birth

Date of birth should be in YYYY-MM-DD format. For example, "September 1st, 1990" should be "1990-09-01". Please keep your Date of birth the same with your passport

④Country of Citizenship

Select that country issuing your passport.

⑤Passport Expire date

Expire date of passport must be at least six months later than the date of entrance.

⑥Address to Receive Admission Documents if Admitted

If the address is not in mainland of China, please specify it in ENGLISH, as detailed as possible.

Postal code is required if applicable to the country/region. If the address is in mainland of China, please specify it in CHINESE, with the postcode (6 digits).You must make sure that the address you provided to us is so accurate that you can receive your admission documents on time. The applicant is fully responsible for any possible consequences caused by the wrong address.

⑦Family Members (For Case of Emergency)

Please specify at least one family member as the emergency contact and fill in all the contact information.

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