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Explanation on the application progress of HZAU in 2024

Date of publication:2024-06-07 Publisher:ISO

Dear 2024 applicants, 

The first batch of the Chinese Government Scholarship has been completed and we have sent admission documents to all students who have been awarded the scholarship. The second batch is still in progress, when we have sent pre-admission emails to the recommended candidates, and the final admission results may come out around July. Applicants who have not received the emails do not get the Chinese Government Scholarship.

The selection process for the Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship is still underway. The confirmation emails are being sent currently, and there is still some time before the official admission notifications. It is expected that in late June the formal admission emails will be sent.

The application system of Huazhong Agricultural University will have the status of applicants changed recently. If there is “Rejected”, it means that you have been rejected; other statuses mean that your eligibility is still under review. If you have any questions about your status, please send the email (with your personal information: the full name, the passport number, the application ID, and the major you applied) to the HZAU admissions email for inquiries: studyinhzau@mail.hzau.edu.cn.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience!

International Students Office

Graduate School

Huazhong Agricultural University