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Rules Inside Dormitories

Date of publication:2023-06-02 Publisher:ISVC

Dormitaryules are essential for maintaining a peaceful and respectful living environment in dormitories. These rules are necessary and applied in dormitory kitchens to ensure a clean, organized, and harmonious living environment for all residents. Students should adhere to the following guidelines/rules:

1. Avoid making excessive noise, especially during designated rest hours from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. This includes refraining from playing loud music in the dormitory.

2. Do not use phone speakers for making calls in public areas and in rooms to respect others' privacy and maintain a quiet atmosphere.

3. Refrain from disposing of personal garbage in public kitchens and hallways. Use designated garbage bins and follow proper waste disposal protocols.

4. Public kitchen appliances should not be treated as personal property. Students should refrain from monopolizing their use and ensure that they are available for communal use. 5. Personal utensils should not be left on kitchen shelves or floors. It is necessary to store them appropriately in kitchen boxes or in individual rooms to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Otherwise, that would be considered abandoned and Ayi will have all rights to throw those utensils.

6. Do not pull wires randomly in the dormitory, do not charge electric vehicles in the room (back side), pay attention to electrical safety in the dormitory, and do not damage the smoke alarm.

By adhering to these rules, students can foster a positive living environment that respects everyone's needs and contributes to a pleasant experience.

If ISO and Dormitory Management Department have discovered the above behaviors, the first time we will give a verbal warning, the second time we will require a written commitment letter and cut down the power supply for 3 days , and the third time ,it will directly affect your annual review.

ISO, Graduate School

Huazhong Agricultural University