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Notice of Coordinators/V. Coordinators Recruitment 2020-2021

Date of publication:2020-07-10 Publisher:

In order to bring into full play international students’ encouragement, self-management, and self-service in HZAU- International Students Volunteer Center (ISVC). We are now currently recruiting energetic, passionate and experienced volunteers as the “Coordinators” almost in each department of ISVC with an aim to enrich international students’ extracurricular life, promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students as well as the internationalization of campus culture. We warmly welcome all HZAU students, both from China and foreign countries, who aspire to facilitate cultural exchange and collaboration between Chinese and overseas students to join us.

Here in HZAU International Students Volunteer Center, you are offered with more opportunities to:

Ø Get volunteer certificates and other certificates awarded for hosting and joining in major events.

Ø Be awarded such honorary titles as “Outstanding Volunteer” and “Outstanding International Student” win the monetary rewards.

Ø Experience Chinese and foreign cultures and participate in social practices.

Ø Groomed and enhance yourself through leading, organizing, and managing major events and taking part in other activities.

Be recommended to study abroad in priority

There are wide range of departments for you to join according to your interest that matched your competence to showcase in HZAU International Students Volunteer Center:

1. Department of Cultural Exchange  and  Recreational Activities

mainly hosts cultural exchange activities and mainly organize, host and team up in all kinds of recreational and sports activities, ball games and sports competitions:

Activities to promote language and culture exchange, such as language study, HZAU international show, national day, Chinese culture course etc.Department of Cultural exchange also enhance

communications among Chinese, international students and Chinese society in ways of organizing scientific practice and volunteer teaching, so as to help international students get a deeper understanding of Chinese history as well as custom, and help them integrate into Chinese society.

2. Department of Living Services is responsible for daily management, service and consultancy of international students, which includes keeping dorm quiet, clean and orderly, assisting with a matter concerning relocation of students’ dorm, accommodation and dorm maintenance, organizing promotion and publicity campaigns on Chinese laws and regulations, school disciplines, and rules. The department also checks international student living conditions and feedback their opinions and suggestions.

3. Department of Secretary is in charge of coordination and external liaison with all departments within HZAU International Students Volunteer Center. Volunteers in this department often work to enhance to enhance the effective management of the all departments. And also make news and publications of HZAU activities.

4. Department of Scientific Research and Development is responsible for organizing

several workshops, seminars and symposiums. The main objective of the department is to familiarize international students with most advanced techniques and skill development.

Volunteer of HZAU International Students Volunteer Center shall agree to

1. Abide by Chinese law and regulations as well as HZAU school disciplines, code of conduct of ISVC, and thus maintain the decorum.

2. Observe relevant regulationsof ISO and HZAU’s financial management.

3. Not to carry out any religious and political activities individually or in groups.

4. Respect different countries’ customs and religious beliefs without ethnic and gender discrimination.

5. Report to tutors (ISO teachesr) and/or obtain tutor’s consent before undertaking certain activities.

Note: Each department is now in need of one coordinator two vice coordinators.

Please fill in https://www.wjx.cn/jq/84415377.aspx and submit it before JULY 11(Friday). Next, candidates will be interviewed and give a 3-5 minutes speech/presentation online by Tencent Meeting APP about their work plan on July 13 Monday afternoon 16:00pm. The tencent meeting room number is 563 993 496. Everyone is Welcome to join online to view.

A list of suitable candidates for department coordinators will be made public after it has been confirmed through group interviewed and discussion.

Note: All present coordinators/Vice coordinators, who wish to continue need to apply again

How to lead a department:

Selected Coordinator of each department formulate plans for establishment and works of the department, then improve plans with tutors. After plans have been approved by the ISO, directors begin to recruit personnel and start the department.

We are looking forward to your active participation!