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Notice of the Annual Review on Scholarship Status

Date of publication:2017-03-24 Publisher:


All scholarship students(including CSC and HZAU Scholarship),


According to the documentary requirements of China Scholarship Council and HZAU, International College is going to carry out Annual Review of Scholarship Status (hereinafter referred to as Annual Review). Annual Review refers to the comprehensive assessment system which the international students (including PhD, master, bachelor students and visiting scholars )studying in China under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs as well as HZAU Scholarship Programs (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship students) shall go through annually. It will decide whether they are qualified to continue enjoying or to renew the scholarship.

一、评审对象 Who will go through Annual Review?


   The scholarship students who have studied in China for more than one year or who have finished their planned study programs and wish to extend their scholarship should go through Annual Review(including students who will continue enjoying the scholarship after September 2017 and the students who fail to graduate in July 2017 and be qualified to apply for extension ). The scholarship students who will graduate in July 2017 as planned don't need to go through Annual Review.

二、评审内容 Content of Annual Review


   performances (including the examination or checkup results of all courses in the first term and the general performances in the second term of this academic year),


   attitude towards study, attendance,


   conducts, rewards and punishments received.


   The scholarship will be suspended for at least one year if the students:


   fail to go up to the next grade or degrade due to the incompetent examination results,


   or have not reached the required credits on the elective courses in two consecutive years,


or have been kept in school but placed under surveillance.


The students whose scholarships are suspended, from the beginning of next academic year, will not enjoy the scholarships any more. Before the period of suspension is over, those involved can apply to go through Annual Review of that year. If they pass the review and get the approval from CSC or HZAU, they can renew their scholarship from the next academic year.


   Whose scholarship will be terminated?


   are compelled to flunk out or dismissed from the institution,


   or fail twice in Annual Review during the studies in China ,


or refuse to take Annual Review without persuasive reasons.


Those who have their scholarship terminated will not enjoy the scholarships from the day of proclamation and cannot renew their scholarships any more.

    五、评审要求 Procedures of Annual Review


The scholarship students who participate in Annual Review should download Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status or Form for Annual Review of HZAU Scholarship Status(hereinafter referred to as the Form)from our college website(http://ic.hzau.edu.cn/→ “Download”→ “Study@HZAU” →“Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government(or HZAU) Scholarship Status”) and fill out correctly the Form in conformity to the requirements. The scholarship students also should submit his/her Academic Transcript of last semester and the copies of academic paperonly the title page needed published in this academic year with the first author’s identity to the supervisor for reference and ask the supervisor to fill out the form according to the performance of the scholarship students and sign the review suggestion. The signature of supervisor is requested. Students in long term Chinese language class can consider his/her Language teacher as supervisor and ask evaluation from them.


The scholarship students must submit the Form(printed by A4 paper on both sides), the Academic Transcript of last semester and the copies of academic paperonly the title page needed published in this academic year with the first author’s identity (all materials should be checked and signed by the supervisor previously)to International Student Affairs OfficeRoom 503 before April 17th.


On basis of the above, International College will assess whether the students are qualified to continue enjoying or to renew the scholarship. And then put forward their results either qualified or unqualified, and proposals on whether to provide, suspend or terminate the scholarship.


                                                                      International Student Affairs Office