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Important Notice about Extending Expiring Date of Scholarship

Date of publication:2017-03-27 Publisher:


All scholarship students(including CSC and HZAU Scholarship),


According to the regulations of CSC and HZAU, scholarship PhD students who can not finish their study in time have a chance to extend the expiring date of scholarship(only one chance in general and the maximum study term is 5 years ). Students who want to apply for extension should fill in the Application Form for Extending Expiring Date of CSC Scholarship or Application Form for Extending Expiring Date of HZAU Scholarship,prepare the research plan for the coming year and submit them to the supervisor to ask for supervisor’s approval and signature,then go to the college to stamp.Meanwhile, the CSC scholarship students should ask their embassy or other agencies related to recruitment of students affairs in China for letter of approval about extension.All the documents should be finished and submitted to International Student Affairs Office (Room 503)before April 17th,otherwise it would not be accepted.


Students who applied for extension should go through the  annual review of Scholarship Status in 2017.Anyone who refuse to take Annual Review without persuasive reasons or fail to pass Annual Review will not be qualified for extension and should cover all the costs happened in the coming semester by themselves. Master and Bachelor scholarship students who can not graduate in time are not accepted to apply for extension and should cover all the costs happened in the coming semester by themselves after the expiring date of their scholarship.

Download:(http://ic.hzau.edu.cn/→ “Download”→ “Study@HZAU” →Extending Expiring Date of Scholarship)

延期流程 Procedure for extension