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How to Apply

How to Apply

Admission Procedure

Agency Number of Huazhong Agricultural University is 10504

1.Values of the scholarship:

① Tuition waiver.

② Accommodation: free university dormitory. HZAU requires students to live on campus in principle. HZAU will provide each Doctoral student a single room, while provide a twin room shared by two Master’s students.


Master’s students/general scholars: 3,000 RMB/month;

Doctoral students/senior scholars: 3,500 RMB/month.

Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from HZAU each month. Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend of that month. Graduating students will receive stipend until half month after the graduation date. If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leaving.

④ Comprehensive medical insurance. (Please visit http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or http://www.campuschina.org and refer to Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for insurance policy.)

2.Application Time:

From December 1 to March 31.

3.Application Qualification:

① Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

Note: Residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have emigrated to a foreign country and who are now applying to study in China as international students must have held a valid foreign passport for at least four years, and must have actually resided in a foreign country for at least two years in the past four years. (Nine months of residence in a foreign country may count as a full year. The dates of the entry and exit stamps in the passport will be followed in the determination of actual foreign residence.) Applicants mentioned above should submit additional documents as follows:

· Certificate of naturalization;

· Proof of cancellation of the original residence;

· A photocopy of exit and entry signature pages of the passport in recent four years (original copy for future examination);

· Proof of study or work experience at abroad in recent two years.

② Applicants must not be university students in Chinese universities at the time of application.

③ Applicants for master's degree studies must have bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.

④ Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have master's degree and be under the age of 40.

4.Online Application:

Please visit the website: http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/register and http://studyin.hzau.edu.cn , then apply online. HZAU institution code is 10504.

5.Required Documents:
No. Documents

The application form printed from Application System: http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/register (2 copies) and http://studyin.hzau.edu.cn/ (1 copy)

2 Highest diploma or degree certificate; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus (2 copies)
3 Official Transcript (2 copies)
4 Two recommendation letters by professors/associate professors of correlated disciplines  Download
5 Study Plan
6 Duplication of the Passport


Physical examination record

8 Other auxiliary supporting materials (such as: award certificates, academic papers published, English or Chinese Language Proficiency certificate, special skill certificate like dancing, sports, etc.)
9 An Acceptance Letter from a professor of HZAU  Download


①Original documents should be submitted. However, should they be unavailable, copies must be authorized by the issuing institution or notarized by a public notary.

② Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with certified translations in Chinese or English.

③Please send the hardcopies of application required documents to the required postal address: No.515, Students' Comprehensive Service Building, International College, Huazhong Agricultural University, No. 1, Shizishan  Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, P.R.China.

6.Language Proficiency:

① Chinese Medium Program: Applicants should submit a score report of a recognized Chinese Proficiency Test. HSK level 5 or above (Note: HSK refers to Chinese Proficiency Test. You can find information on the website: www.chinesetest.cn) is required. If the applicant has no elementary Chinese study experience, he or she can pass HSK level 5 by attending Chinese Language Program for one academic year before the start of Academic study.

② English Medium Program: It is better if applicants can submit a score report of a recognized English Proficiency Test such as TOEFL (IBT 80), IELTS 6.0 or higher; or other official English test recognized by HZAU. Failing to demonstrate one’s English proficiency may adversely affect one's candidacy for acceptance.

Every applicant should discreetly choose medium program. HZAU will respect every applicant's choice during the application time, while it is forbidden to change the medium program once anyone gets admission.

7.Scholarship winners Announcement :

The scholarship winner candidates will be announced around 15th, May, and the final scholarship winners list around 15th, July on the website: http://ic.hzau.edu.cn/.

8.Tracking the Admission package:

The admission package including Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) as well as Form of Physical Examination Record form for foreigners will be sent to the admitted applicants before 15th, July. The tracking numbers will be informed to the admitted applicants by email. Everyone can check and confirm the admission package with the Express Company.


Students who are admitted must apply for study type of visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in home country with the Admission Notice and JW201 form. International students who will study in China for less than 6 months should apply for 'X2' type of visa. Students who will study in China for over 6 months are required to obtain 'X1' type of Visa, which will only be valid for 30 days after your arrival in China. Students must come to the International Student Office, HZAU to apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days in order to obtain a legal stay in China.


Registration date will be specified in the admission notice. Successful applicants are required to register in HZAU during the specified period, and early registration will not be handled.