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Discipline Advantage

Disciplinary Characteristics

Over the past three decades, HZAU focused on elevating the agricultural related disciplines with advanced bio-scientific technology while advancing the development of biological disciplines out of its strong root of traditional agricultural disciplines, and has achieved coordinated development of multi-disciplines of agriculture, science, engineering, humanities, law, economics, management, art, etc. featuring life sciences and giving prominence to agricultural disciplines. HZAU is on the list of "Double-First Class" initiative released in 2017, with five disciplines included. Eight disciplines have been ranked among world top 1% of ESI.

5 "Double-First Class"initiative disciplines

    Animal Husbandry

    Veterinary Science


    Horticulture; Crop Science

    Agricultural Economics & Management

8 disciplines are ranked among world top 1% of ESI

    Agricultural Science

    Plant & Zoology


    Biology & Biochemistry

    Molecular Biology & Genetics


    Environment & Ecology

    Engineering Science


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Campus Life

HZAU offers a wealth of academic, living, and cultural resources to make student’s campus life more valuable, colorful, vibrant and enjoyable.